Fall School

From 5 November to 9 November took place the (second) Fall School in Holomorphic Dynamics. Three fine speakers came (Walter Bergweiler, Agnieszka Badenska and Kari Astala), each one giving a course about a different topic in 3 sessions of one hour and a half. The only course I completed was the one Walter was giving, as it was the most interesting for me.

I talked on monday afternoon, but my talk was a mess. I rushed through it in 10 minuts, when my alloted time was of 25... It was the same talk I gave on September as my Master's thesis (i.e. DEA) defense, so I knew too well what I was talking about. And THIS was the problem, I saw it too easily. Next time I'll write a new set of slides every time.
Written by Ruben Berenguel