As you may already know, I enjoy a lot drawing. I usually draw with some kind of mechanical pencil, of HB strength (or one for film writing which is stronger than 3H). As I try to improve the quality of my drawings, I begin to wonder if I really like to draw really well. Yes, I'd like to be able to draw perfect faces, but probably I'll be as happy being able to sketch a face that looks like the original one. And this is my point, I prefer sketching than drawing. This morning I finished some work and decided to take some rest (about an hour or so). I tried to sketch Harrison Ford's face in Blade Runner's cover (yesterday I drawed it with pencil but the face doesn't really look like his). It didn't work out. I used one side of lined paper I had to dispose, and then I decided to sketch a landscape on the other (written!) side. This is the result:


Beget (Alta Garrotxa, Girona, Catalunya)

I enjoyed it a lot more than if I had just drawn exactly and laid perfect shadows and tones. Quick and fun. By the way, the used pen is a blue Pilot V Ball (a pen I dislike as a writing instrument but that it's relatively OK for drawing) over some writing in a red pen of the same family.

I've redrawn it in my sketchbook, with pencil.
Written by Ruben Berenguel