Pick, nails, guitar

This weekend I also bought a pick for my guitar. I wanted to see how a classic guitar played with a pick. Well, it sounds really fine. I have also filed my right hand nails in the "proper" way (as a book on classical guitar suggests). The result is a clearer sound (as I used only flesh before), but my thumb and index are still too short. I'm starting to do some scales with alternating fingers, to be able to play some classical guitar arrangements... when I can read scores quick enough. Now I can read them very slowly, and gradually add notes to what I'm playing. I'm still struggling with Bill Evans' Waltz For Debby... and have recently falled in love with Waltz in B Minor. Also would like to play BWV1007 (Prelude) from J. S. Bach, but probably is out of my abilities for now.
Written by Ruben Berenguel