Bodyweight exercises

Besides crunches and sit-ups, I've found the following four exercises very helpful to gain some strength without going to a gym.

  1. In the first exercise, bend your legs and hold firmly with your arms. Then spread your legs quickly, and repeat until exhausted. This will help your legs, arms and even abs.

  2. The second exercise is a push-up with your legs bent. This way the exercise is more demanding on your arms and shoulders.

  3. A squat, simply. Keep straight while going slowly down. You could also do a one-legged squat, keeping one leg raised. Of course, leg exercise. Beware of knee strains!

  4. This is a static exercise for your abs. Keep your back straight while you hold with your arms bent by your elbows. Keep this position as long as you can stand it.

If you don't want to get bored by them, write (or draw) each exercise you plan to do on the back of an used subway card (or some small piece of hard paper) and get a dice. Scramble the cards and get one to know which exercise to do, throw the dice and multiply the number you get by, say, 4 or 5. This way you will be doing different exercises a different number of times and you won't get as bored as you could.
Written by Ruben Berenguel