Microwave potato chips recipe

Stumbling around, I found this site, where they had a procedure to do potato chips in a microwave. This morning I wanted something to munch, and as we have plenty of potatoes, cut one.

The final result

If you want to try, you will need:
  • A small (or not so small) potato
  • A microwave
  • Some plate, tupperware or anything that can go inside the microwave
  • Paper towels
  • Salt, or some sauce
  • About half an hour, maybe less.
Cut one small potato in slides about 2mm thick (0.08 inches), and put them over a paper towel over a microwave apt plate.

Always cut them as thinly and evenly as you can!

Put the plate inside your microwave for around 3-5 minutes at full power (mine is a 700W microwave). After one pass they'll look something like this:

Looks like they are boiled, don't they?

You will have to change the paper towel if it gets too wet. Turn all the potatoes, and repeat the pass. You will have to repeat several times, but after every pass for both sides, decrease the power of the microwave and be sure to take an eye on it. Also, my plate was a bad choice (it started making cracking sounds), and moved the potatoes to the top side of a tupperware:

By now they will be harder and drier

Keep turning them upside down, they will be ready when they look like this:

Done! Lesson: always keep an eye on them

They will be very hard crispy at the time they are done. Also, maybe one will get charred :)
Finally move them to where you will be eating them, and add some salt, or olive oil, or as I did: some good sauce (in my case, romesco):

Add some sauce and they are great.

It took me almost half an hour (and 3 minutes to eat..) but it was the moving from one plate to another what ate most of the time. And I started with maximum power, but just 2 minutes... next time I will be max and 5 minutes. Try and find the best time for your microwave.

This procedure is not anything like frying, in fact it is just dehydrating potatoes. And this implies this can be done to "almost anything"... I think I'll try some zucchini next time, or maybe mushrooms.

If you enjoyed this recipe, leave a comment to tell me how did it turn, give a thumbs up, digg or whatever you feel like doing.

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Written by Ruben Berenguel