2008 Summary, 2009 preview

This were the things I wanted to get done this year. How did it go?
  • Play the guitar, every day (so I can keep learning jazz guitar), NO
  • Improve my Go, NO
  • Improve my Hex, NO
  • Get stronger legs (so I don't hurt my knees again), A LITTLE
  • PHD-a-lot, NO
  • Add some functionality to my ray-tracer, NO
  • Draw as often as I can, MAYBE
  • Learn japanese, NO
  • If I learn enough japanese, learn russian, YES (?)
  • Finish my Taylor integrator generator, NO
  • Get ready for publication my first article, ALMOST
  • Finish reading Escher, Godel, Bach: An eternal golden braid, NO
  • Fold one (and then more) double star flexicube(s), NO
  • Fold some flexagons and flexicubes, NO
Doesn't look like I have done what I wanted.

Hope I can do it better next year... What I want to do? (and will try...)
  • Play the guitar more often,
  • Draw more often,
  • Get my yellow belt in karate,
  • Finish my first article,
  • Get ready the details for another one,
  • Improve my Hex,
  • PHD-a-lot,
This looks easier than 2008's...
Written by Ruben Berenguel