MP3 to iPod audiobook: personal reminder

New: The previous version is rubbish! Just add your MP3 encoded files to iTunes library, select the entire album, choose get info from right-clicking it, go to the last tab (options) and select: Part of a compilation, remember position, skip when shuffling and in media type, Audibook. And you are done in a moment.

Time-wasting version by Google: This is just to remind myself how to do this simple thing. I got the information from here (via Google).
  1. Add your MP3 to your iTunes library
  2. Select that file in iTunes
  3. Right-click, convert to AAC (or create AAC copy)
  4. Remove both instances in your iTunes library (without deleting files!)
  5. Go to the folder where the file is
  6. Remove the MP3 version (if you want)
  7. Go to your iTunes Library folder (Documents-Music-iTunes-iTunes Library-path to your file)
  8. Move it to where you like it to be
  9. Change the extension of the file from M3A to M3B
  10. Add this file to iTunes
  11. You are done!
  12. Now you can edit file info and properties as usual.
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Written by Ruben Berenguel