Origami Flower-Box diagrams

An English version of my diagrams for the origami flower-box

Origami flower-box (Caja-Flor) diagrams, in English. Loosely based upon Kawasaki's rose and a traditional japanese box. Click on the diagrams to get a bigger view of them. It appeared (Spanish version) on the Spanish Origami Association Bulletin, Second Volume, 2008. You can also take a look at my easy origami CD case.

Origami Flower Box Origami Flower Box
It will look like this when finished, closed and opened.

First Page (click to enlarge!!)
Origami Flower Box
Second Page (click to enlarge!!)
Origami Flower Box
Third (and final) page (click to enlarge!!)
Origami Flower Box
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Written by Ruben Berenguel