Rasterbator: online posterizer for @home printing

My chair, my fractals (A4) and my Drazen
poster (4xA4)

Rasterbator is an online poster maker, for you to print in your own printer. Of course, the results are not as good as full quality posters like these, but they look pretty good when looked from afar. It rasterises an image you upload (or link from anywhere in Internet), does some magic stuff, and the result is a bunch (you decide graphically how many, orientation and other options) of A4 (or Legal) sheets arranged in a nice PDF, which you have to print. Then a little (transparent) duct tape and you can have really cool B&W or color posters (if your printer allows you to) in your office, home or wherever.

Here you have a user gallery, with pictures. And you can see mine in this post, too. Enjoy your home-made posters, or check full quality posters from here, I produced the design!

Close and closer. Do you see the big dots (7 mm) now?

Written by Ruben Berenguel