Cotton seed germination

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In my last trip to Madrid I bought some "exotic" seeds at the Royal Botanical Garden: Coffee, Holy lotus and Indian cotton. In the little (and at 3.90€, overpriced) bag, there were around 10 seeds, which were suggested to be left in water for 72 hours. I picked 3 at random, and left them. VoilĂ ! In just 48 hours the root was already breaking in the coating. After the 3 days had passed, I moved them to a wet paper towel inside a sealed plastic bag, and after just 2 days, the seeds have grown quite a bit. Turns out to be easier than expected, now let's see how it grows. The how-to is quite simple:
  • Fill a small jar or pot with tap water
  • Put in the seeds
  • Wait 3 days
  • Move to paper towel

After 2 days in tap water. Moved them to wet paper towel after 3 days

After 2 days in the paper towel

After 2 days more they have grown largish roots, I guess it's time to move them to a nice pot.
I can't wait to see how the leaves grow!

Written by Ruben Berenguel