Lisp raytracing, again

This evening I was bored at home, and decided to have a look at my old Lisp raytracer... a project that just went idle a year ago. I picked up another programming project I had idling for a long time (an emacs lisp project, to interact with my console-based fractal drawers). I had a coding breakthrough that time, and managed to advance quite a bit in a little time, so today I tried again.

Well, I corrected the plane cutting problems, although the intersection code is still buggy (numerical problems) and messy (hard as hell to read). I have to undergo a complete rewritting of the scene system soon, and add textures for FSM's sake! After that, add (again) refraction code and finally, if all goes well, I shall add also a triangle mesh loader, someday. When the time is right I'll post the source code as well.

Lisp raytracer
Reflective spheres, as always. Soon textured ones?
Written by Ruben Berenguel