Cut & Paste

As you already know, I'm just in the middle of getting a thesis done. This means quite a lot of hand-written papers, full of definitions and on top of it all a lot of notational problems. I have quite a few similarly named spaces, with its corresponding norms... It is a mess.

When I had already proved my "first" theorem (in the thesis context, I mean... I have a paper soon to be published :), I started LaTeXing it. It spans 3 pages, without borders or any introduction or notational details (as most of them come from a paper from my advisor). But I have a lot of new notations and spaces, inherent of my setting.

And after a few corrections my advisor told me to stop writing it by computer, do it by hand (my handwriting is not bad) and this way corrections are a lot quicker, and notational problems can be solved just before finishing it on a computer. Also we have a nice photocopier which acts as a scanner, sending the pages to your inbox. Nice!

But this means, that when he comes over, with a bunch of corrections... I turn to the old way of doing these things: a piece of white paper, scissors and scotch tape. This goes a long way into the Cut & Paste way of doing things...
Written by Ruben Berenguel