Three dee

I don't know exactly how (well, now I remember: I was looking for a transparent background patch for xclock), but a while ago, in Göttingen I stumbled on a 3D file system browser, called XCruiser (you can get it with 'sudo apt-get install xcruise'). It has not been maintaned for a long while, and it can't even open the files you "travel", so it is pretty useless, albeit amazing.

It made me thin me of Jurassic Park's 3D filesystem browser: fsn. In fact, there is an upgraded version: fsv.

I just installed fsv... Not so easy. First, a little dependency hell: ./configure will start to complain about gtk-config. Install the gtk+ dev libraries through synaptic. Then, the gtkgl bindings, then the Mesa libraries... and the one who kept it from configuring: install freeglut-dev. Configure, make make install and here you go, although after the hassle, I don't recommend it: go for one of the other two. They are all just eye candy, after all.

3d filesystem browser
Jurassic Park-like: fsv

And the easier to install, in fact is tdfsb (although it just looks strange... three D file system browser, easy to remember!). It has some nice points, and it looks pretty good too, in fact I don't know which I find more "fun", tdfsb or XCruiser.

You can also have a look at this article I found 3D_File_Browsers.pdf (Linux Magazine online) which covers the same content I outlined above, in a maybe nicer way (but my screenshots look better!)

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Written by Ruben Berenguel