Lavaurs algorithm


Top: Zoom a depth 13 Lavaurs chords, random colors
Bottom: Depth 5 and depth 13 Lavaurs chords

These days I've been busy programming a version of Lavaurs algorithm for the idenfication of circle chords: the abstract Mandelbrot set.
The images doesn't look like much, but the output of the program is nicer: it outputs an Encapsulated PostScript file which looks sharper. But when converting to png with ImageMagick some distortion appeared.

You can get the black and white depth 13 here, and the color version here.

Depth 13 (random) color version

The code is a set of Lisp functions, with the main one being recursive. I also have a double-recursive version, but the first time I used it I thought I had a problem with the code, and rewrote it. But it did work, but it is slower. The output is a set of orthogonal circles to a main one, set as "clip" in the PostScript file.

I am increasingly happier of my last Christmas postcard & tutorial, as they forced me to learn PostScript programming. Turns out to be more useful than I thought.

Written by Ruben Berenguel