Teleworking in August

Lavaurs algorithm on course

Like almost every year, August comes with a lot of pending To Do lists... This year, it is choking full, mostly of work related issues, and some unknotted threads waiting to be finished. And in two and a half weeks I'll head for Paris, and then my "vacation" is over.

Yesterday I wasted my morning: bought my orange belt, set up the external monitor for my netbook, configured the printer, fotocopied two pages of a book and drank an horchata with a friend.

The evening was supposed to be invested in using those two pages to add a proof to the notes I am supposed to write of a course I took two and a half years ago. They are "almost" done, but one of my goals this month is to definitely finish them now. This means adding some proofs, but the hardest part is writing a pair of algorithms to add a few images, that in top of drawing a pair of missing diagrams (thank god I have a drawing tablet...). But yesterday I spent around 6 hours messing with a Lisp program to generat PostScript output..., probably today I'll have to add 3 hours to finish it in the afternoon.

Furthermore, I would like to finish the "final" part of the proof I'm working on. It should be easy, but I don't really know where to start. In fact, I don't even know the Banach space I'm working on. Once I have it defined, it should be really easy. Once I have it.

Finish the Young Researchers website I started in February... and left in February. It should be ready for September 1. And a few optional side-projects, if I were to finish them, I would be happier.

But... why it is so hard to work in August, and more even from home? It's like some evil force pulls me from Emacs and takes me to Firefox... or from the office to wander the Rambla.
Written by Ruben Berenguel