Torus Trooper

Torus Trooper (available for Windows, Mac and Linux)

Old times gaming again. This time with a really addictive and well done Tempest clone. The game idea is to go fast, faster, fastest with your ship while annihilating enemies. The game is (as I said) fast. From animations, to music.

Although I used to play it in windowed mode in my Windows and Mac machines, playing it in my netbook is a lot nicer in fullscreen mode. Also, although the music is great, it can be boring after a while. If you want to give a try to the windowed, no sound, start it as:
tt -window -res 640 480 -nosound
PS: I got to level 50 odd in the "Hardest" difficulty setting. But the difficulty is also a function of your video card/main processor quality... better card/processor, more difficult it gets.

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Written by Ruben Berenguel