gdb & CEDET & ECB

Emacs fun, in other words. This weekend I'm writing some programs in C, to review major problems before my students ask. Yesterday I finished the part due Wednesday (for them), and today I tackled the final part. But there is some bug somewhere... I always miss on such matrix-here-matrix-there-solve-that.

Today, after battling for an hour, I realized I missed the "intellisense" part of CEDET, and started to install it here in MacOs, and "there" in my netbook. The number of things you can do with it are... well, mind-blowing. I just use it for a few things, and probably with time will start using it more often. Like it.

GNU Debugger mode

After too many printf's out there to debug, I decided to give a try and opened a terminal, wrote gdb... it works. I thought I had already tried in MacOs and didn't work... Well, then, give it a try together with emacs' gdb-mode (in fact it is the Grand Unifier Debug mode... I use gdb). After having a quick peek to the user manual (WTF!? 493 pages!?) and discovering how to set up a breakpoint... I've fallen in love. Just it... I can write variables, follow variables, stop and go... I can't ask for more. And the way to interact is via emacs... I just say process until "here" with my cursor in the source code, where "here" is located... and here it goes (C-x C-a C-u). Whoa. Love it.


And to add a little graphical goodness... ECB, an addition to CEDET's greatness. It makes emacs look like a "usual" IDE.

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Written by Ruben Berenguel