Ginger germination

When bought, and after a week. Plate+water

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A few weeks ago, I entered an asian supermarket, and saw that nice piece of ginger root (in fact, rhizome, not root), with something that looked like a potato eye. I wondered it that meant that ginger could be grown easily... bought it and googled it. Turned out ginger is really easy to grow, the Internet said. And I tried, and it is far easier. First step, go buy a big nice piece of ginger.

It started to show green "blobs" in 2 days

Ginger will start growing in the "eye like" places, like the one above in the right, which grew into that nice and small green planting. Break (or cut) your big chunk of ginger in pieces, looking for eyes, and although the toothpick+vase way is nice, I suggest a plate. This way the plant will grow roots quicker AND will grow straight up from the rhizome, not to the side.


When the roots have grown to a fair size, just move the whole piece to a pot with a nutritious mix. Aim the starting leaves to the surface, of course. I don't really know how this plant will turn out... just keep reading and I'll keep posting pictures. Keep in mind the following tips, collected around the web:
  • Grow either indoor or outdoor. If it can freeze in your area, keep it indoors in the cold months.
  • In winter the leaves will yellow and die. In spring it will sprout again.
  • Wait at least 3 or 4 months (or better yet, a whole year) to harvest the rhizome, do so when it starts appearing over the surface of the pot.
  • Ginger doesn't like directy light, keep it in a shady place.
  • Water regularly.
  • Fertilize during spring.
  • It will grow to about one meter high (4 feet) with leaves about 20cm long (1 feet). They will slightly smell of ginger.
If you enjoyed this post, or was lucky and got a nice and cute ginger plant, tell me so! Leave a comment, picture, digg this, stumble this, or whatever. Thanks!

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Written by Ruben Berenguel