Songs In Code

A few days ago I found a page via StumbleUpon, and caught my inner geek. Songs in code, a trend in twitter a few days ago. Other examples here, and here (twitter). Below my own creations.
(setq My '(sleeping)) - Roxette

do{love( );}while(TRUE); - The Beatles

while(1){puts("Young");} - Alphaville

love( ); puts("Now"); - Roxette

do{ }while(b*tchslaprappin&&cocainetongue); - Guns N' Roses

if(!say){say=MAXINT;} - Ronan Keating

int love=0; if(friday){love=1;} - The Cure

diff Something ADay - Jamie Cullum

while(me.corner*me.spot_light){religion--;} - REM
I rushed to publish this post, as I had forgotten to hit publish... thus forgot the REM one. Thanks John@retroprogramming!

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Written by Ruben Berenguel