More #SongsInCode

Last Friday, 20, all SongsInCode'rs were asked to try to get #songsincode trending again to commemorate the 3 months anniversary of the idea. I submitted 3 songs (far less than my first outburst)... and almost no-one else tried to overwhelm twitter with his songs (a few did, and with great ideas ;)
KISS - know="you cry";know++="Walk street beside her"; PassBy(); everybody: puts("Looks good"); you: puts("Strutter"); goto everybody;

Duran Duran - if(!cry(&Yesterday)){find(OrdinaryWorld);}

3 Doors Down - See(Face);days=0;do{days++;}while(days<100)older(me);dream: Dream(); you=1; here: you=0; goto dream;
Here you can find my previous post with my own songsincode, and also check the great ideas in #songsincode.

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Written by Ruben Berenguel