Vector Tanks: iPod Touch / iPhone game

A few days ago I was looking for a vector drawing program, capable of SVG à la InkScape. So I went to the App Store, and looked for "vector". I found no vector editing, but I found Vector Tanks, and looked nice enough to (after googling and youtube) buying it. I think it is overpriced, but it is an enjoyable and fun game. I miss resuming games after tapping the "home" button. Also in the instructions says after several seconds of not touching the screen the game pauses... I wonder how many seconds are this! I have not been able to pause it this way.

You are in a vectorised, green-red-pink field, with enemy tanks you have to shoot. To move, you drag those green boxes on the sides, each one depicting one side of the caterpillar. Thus you can rotate on place, or move easily. To fire, you tap on the center.

Beware of the reloading time!

Of course the tanks can fire back:

Or you can hit a land mine

All these features appear in the radar screen (crosses are mines, boxes are, well boxes to hide behind, light green things are enemies).

You can find jeeps and tanks. Each tank is worth 100 points, jeeps are quicker, don't fire back and try to evade you. You can run over them, though, and are worth 1000 points.

You can find also three diferent power-ups: Shields, rapid-fire and nukes. The first two are timer based, the third, use based. It creates a huge blast, that can also kill you. Better have shields!

You can find more about the game at the creator's page, ir the creator's blog: new ongoing version.

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Written by Ruben Berenguel