2009 Sum up, 2010 breakdown

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From tomorrow on, I will stop writing on every prime day of the month, and switch to write whenever I want to. I started the "prime days" thing to force me to write on a regular basis, but as of late, I think the quality of some posts (which I planned to write really well) was not up to what I wanted. I hope this means better posts, you will judge.

Most read posts this year, with the year they were written:
  1. (2008) Apple seed germination
  2. (2008) Strawberry seed germination
  3. (2008) Lemon seed germination
  4. (2008) Pineapple seed germination
  5. (2008) How to create LaTeX booklets
  6. (20??) Starting page
  7. (2009) Origami flower-box diagrams
  8. (2009) Easy paperback bookbinding tutorial
  9. (2009) Two week, still loving fluxbox
  10. (2008) Strawberry seedlings: showing leaves
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Written by Ruben Berenguel