Minix on the iPod: where Linux started

Minix on iPod Touch

This is where Linux started. Minix, from the bible on operating systems. You can easily install it on minivMac for your iPod, download it from this link and install the disk image in your iPod as usual. Then, unpack the files inside.

Minix on iPod Touch

Fifteen minutes later...
Minix on iPod Touch

When unpacking is finished, just open the MacMinix app, and Minix will be up and running.

Minix on iPod Touch

By the way, the username for MacMinix is root, and the password is Geheim! From the information pages:


  • System call compatible with V7 of the UNIX operating system
  • Full multiprogramming (multiple programs can run at once)
  • Kernighan and Ritchie compatible C compiler
  • Shell that is functionally identical to the Bourne shell
  • Five editors (emacs subset, vi clone, ex, ed, and simple screen editor)
  • Over 175 utilities (cat, cp, ed, grep, kermit, ls, make, sort, etc.)
  • Over 200 library procedures (atoi, fork, malloc, read, stdio, etc.)
  • Spelling checker with 40,000 word English dictionary
  • Full source code (in C) supplied on diskettes (OS, utilities, libraries)
  • Easy-to-read manual telling all about MINIX and how to install and use it
  • Up to 3 simultaneous users on one machine
  • RS-232 serial line support with terminal emulation, kermit, zmodem, etc.
  • Runs under Multifinder
  • Includes support for multiple user windows
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Written by Ruben Berenguel