Wheriz: Where are you in Web 2.0

WherizWheriz is a web service, where you (and possibly your friends) are supposed to tell where you are (in a wide sense). It is free, easy to register, and adding plans to it is pretty plain. It should be an interesting web page for those of you who travel a lot... and know a lot of people who also travel. This way (through the Newsletter you can receive every week, or logging in the page) you can learn that "Joe" will also be in Berlin next month while you are there, thus you can drop him an email and go get a coffee.

I think it is a worthwhile site to be for groups of people, I'd like to see spanish mathematicians there, as this would simplify the "will you be at **** next month?"

Adding a stay is as simple as follows:


You start with an empty future, add something to it. I'll add a "usual" stay, in my hometown for the next let's say, five years. You can edit later, and overwrite, as you'll see.


You type here where you want to go, and Google will find it, almost for sure (it had some problems when I went to Denmark... because I was in an almost unknown place).


Now when. Add them as you wish. I moved the end date to something like 2013. This will be then, my usual location.


To end the adding of a stay, mark the visibility. I set it as public, you can change it in the expert mode, too.

Done! Now I want to add a stay for next week, in Segovia. I proceed as before, but, when I agree...


An overlap is detected, and I have the options depicted. Overwrite is what I want, thus I'll be in Badalona today, tomorrow in Segovia and in Badalona when I'm back.

Now all my wheriz contacts (and people who look for me there, or in my Facebook account through wheriz's facebook app) will now next week I'm at Segovia.

You can also check wheriz's twitter.

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Written by Ruben Berenguel