10 recommended blogs to follow this spring

Since I posted 8 Reasons for re-inventing the wheel as a programmer I found several interesting blogs (either through comments, reddit comments or reddit submissions while I was peering there. I want to share them with you now, and will add another batch for summer enjoyment. They are sorted alphabetically, in case you wonder.

  1. Best In Class: Clojure developer and emacs lover. Nice blog, also has a twitter account but looks like she doesn't follow her followers.
  2. Code Instructions: Mostly thoughts about programming. Worth a read and a dive into its archives.
  3. Make Nothing Online: A funny named blog about how not to make money online, as well as thoughs by his creator. If you happen to find how to follow him on twitter, an amusing guy.
  4. Oscar Del Ben: An uncategorised programming blog, with several ideas popping up.
  5. Political Newswatch: Political and economic reflections by a friend of mine. He writes better than I do, if you like economic thinking go straight ahead!
  6. Preston L. Bannister {random memes}: Another uncategorised on programming. Interesting reads ahead.
  7. Rants and Apps: I discovered this blog yesterday, and since then have exchanged a few comments with the creator about some of his posts. Also an emacs lover... That's an extra worth point for a worthwhile blog.
  8. Re: Factor: A blog about Factor, a Forth derivative language. Mostly about Factor, but with interesting insights into stack-based programming.
  9. Retro programming: A blog about oldies in programming, and a little Forth too. Interesting content for the hard-core programmer, or retro gadget lover.
  10. Schauderhaft: Uncategorised programming, in a really nice looking blog full of interesting content.
Bonus! Shanidar.net: My girlfriend's blog. It is in catalan, but you can read it through Google translate here (direct link to cooking section... delicious recipes here!).

Written by Ruben Berenguel