750words.comWhat is 750words? Just that. An empty slate, a place to dump your mind in 750 (or more) words, roughly 3 pages. Easy, isn't it?

Good for a great morning routine: get up, empty your mind here and go on and eat the world raw. And far better than the usual notebook, as I will try to show you here.

Moreover, it is different from blogging. My blog posts are usually around 750 words, or more (depends if it is a heavy image post, or some programming thing), but what I write here is intended for someone to read. In 750words I am talking just with myself, on my own.

Registration is plain easy: you can use your Facebook, Google or Yahoo account for the login. Nothing else is required, and no information is sent to Facebook, Google or whatever (no "public posts", your writings are as private as if you wrote them inside your cupboards).

The writing region is clear cut, just an empty white space with a non disturbing menu (in fact I didn't realize at first it was there and thought there was no way to get out!) and a word counter on bottom. Once you are finished, the numbered counter turns green, and you are ready.

750words.comThere is a motivator, giving you points for each day you write (1 point) 750 or more words (1 point more) without distractions (1 extra point). Thus you can earn every day 3 points, and they are accumulative in a bowling style: 3 points today means strike, thus tomorrow you'll double your 1+1. If you spare, you'll only double your first 1. Just for the people who need to keep themselves motivated. Just like me, by the way.

750words.comThere are also monthly challenges to keep writing for a straight month, with a wall for quitters and a wall for winners (Wall of Awesomeness and Wall of Shame).

What I find most amazing is the (for me) sophisticated text analysis integrated with it. You can find some excerpts scattered from this post: emotion related analysis, what worries you more... This for each daily post, and as an addition you get a subconscious view, which aggregates all your data and compares to the world. Truly amazing.

I highly recommend this site for several reasons. Foremost, it is free, although the creator has suggested someday it might be payed (but probably keep it free for longtime users). Moreover, it is a great tool for mapping your day, or just dumping your frustration out. If you've read Do androids dream of electric sheep?, it suggests me the Empathy Box, in some way. You go there, dump your feelings and go away.

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Written by Ruben Berenguel