Backlog filling

My backlog of things happening is quickly filling, faster than I can even keep track of it. Just a quick overview

Summer trip to Iceland

This summer we are going to Iceland for 17 days. It is some kind of tour-trip, where we have arranged accomodation and car rental and we just have to keep en route around the island to sleep where arranged each day. As an addition to this...

Learning Icelandic

You know, Laia and myself are quite odd... and we saw Teach yourself Icelandic at the same place we bought our travel guide and road map. The temptation was too big, and we bought. Now we are trying to learn Icelandic, not easy!

Bought a Ben NanoNote

A twitterer I follow posted this review of the Ben NanoNote... A really small, very limited, really nice, cheap, Linux palmtop computer. At the sported price tag I couldn't resist, and mine is coming next Tuesday. I'll keep you informed of what I use it for, still not clear what it can do beside being a cool gadget to have around home sitting idly.

Looking again at RedCode

As it happens to me once in a while, I'm again looking at playing CoreWarrior... But this time I committed myself better: I even wrote some programs I tested. I just have to find time to code the ideas that are sprouting at odd day moments, while I read the old numbers of the CW newsletter.

Blog redesign

As I posted, my blog is undergoing a redesign (I'm rewriting all CSS in the blogger template I use, and when I'm done I'll just paste the blogger specific anchors).

Written by Ruben Berenguel