Sooner or later...

It had to happen sooner or later. This blog has been open, with a somewhat regular publication in English since March 2008, more or less a year ago. Before that, it was more sporadic, and used to be in Catalan, just to output some ideas or share a picture with a friend.

And the day had to come. To celebrate this approximate anniversary, I'm moving to my own domain and preparing a new look that will appear in about two weeks. Start pointing your links at www.mostlymaths.net which currently acts as a mirror of my usual URL. The old link will turn into a redirect to www.mostlymaths.net in a couple of weeks.

You may wonder where the name of the domain comes from. I see it as an embodiment of my workday. On a typical day I do, mostly maths. But the rest of the time I do a bunch of other things, which are precisely the ones I usually blog about.

Stay tuned for the new design, and spread the word of the domain name change!
Written by Ruben Berenguel