Book review: What it takes to be #1, Vince Lombardi Jr.

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A few weeks ago I started reading What it takes to be number #1, by Vince Lombardi Jr. I knew something about Vince Lombardi (wikipedia link), a great american football coach, and thought that maybe it was an interesting read.

It is divided in two parts: The Foundation Of Leadership: What It Takes To Be #1 and Inspiring Others To Greatness: How To Lead Like Vince Lombardi. Each one has a few chapters.

The first part was a little disappointing, as I thought it was too boring, and didn't gave anything new. I thought I was re-reading a milder, less interesting version of Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior, by Phil Jackson.

But then Chapter 4, Character and Integrity and Chapter 5, Developing winning habits started to explain everything in a new light, and giving something back for the reading investment.

Probably the best chapter is Chapter 5 and the ideas can be summarized in the following list
  • When you have to, flight, wen you can, fight!
  • Discipline takes different forms, but it is a must
  • Weed out the uncommitted in your team
  • Sacrifice and self-denial lie behind every great success
  • Work at it, don't slack at it
  • Demand it first from yourself and then from others around you
  • Be prepared to sacrifice for it
  • Be mentally tough
  • Use your toughness to beat setbacks
  • Use your toughness to seek out new challenges
  • Search out and identify your beliefs and the habits that grow out of them
  • Own your habits, control your time
  • Give everything for your passion
  • Be disciplined every time
  • Give total commitment to your endevours
  • Use your courage toughtfully
  • The organization that wins is made of winners
  • Overnight success does not exist. Invest in talent
But they are more explicitly stated in the book, and clearly explained with samples from Coach Lombardi's life. I think it is a work worth buying, alone for this chapter, but sure it offers something for you in all other chapters.

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