Earth day give-away project: lemon trees from seed to save the planet

Lemon seed germination
The lemon seed I
started just one year
To commemorate this year's Earth day, I have started a little project: The big lemon tree giveaway. If you enjoy it, please share it with your friends through StumbleUpon or Twitter!

The plan: germinate as many lemon seedlings as I can to give them to friends and acquaintances. I will sketch here the procedure you have to give lemon seeds in order to speed its germination. A year ago I was able to successfully germinate a few lemon seeds, which turned into 3 nice lemon seedlings. Sadly two of them died, but the other one is thriving. I want to share the experience of growing a little tree with everyone.

You can look at the pictures from the post I wrote a year ago. I hope you join me in this project and germinate as many lemons as possible to give them as presents to people you care about. Come on and join me! I am sure you still have plant one tree in your life's to-do list.

You'll need plenty of lemon seeds, I got a lot because my girlfriend wanted to try a recipe we found: strawberry and basil lemonade. It turned out to be great, I recommend it to you, too.

Lemon seed germination
The tools of
the trade
You will need some kind of pointy blade. You can use a cutter, or even a a pointy knife. With it you have to remove the seed coat from the seed: the woody part and the skinny one.

To do so, clean thoroughly the seed with water and dry it completely. Use a paper towel to be sure it is completely dry. Pick it with one hand, and with the other, try to make a really shallow cut to the outer skin, while you try to peel it with the point of the blade. You can also try to peel it lit you would peel a banana with a knife, starting by the point where the outer skin is thinner. Once you have something to get a hold, remove it by hand with occasional help with the tip of the blade.

Lemon seed germinationLemon seed germination
Lemon seed germinationLemon seed germination
Lemon seed germinationLemon seed germination
Lemon seed germinationLemon seed germination

Do it very, very carefully! If not, the seed will break and probably, die. Or you will cut your finger and get a little red pool. Beware. Make plenty of lemonade if you need more seeds, and don't hurry.

Repeat with all your seeds. Once you are done, pour a little water over a paper towel, place your seeds over it and put all in a ziplock bag, airtight. I am also experimenting with putting them in plain water, and a glass with cotton. I'll tell you back which way is easier, but I know from experience that wet paper works correctly. Put it in a somewhat sunny place and wait. In around 5 days they will start making a small root, maybe even less. Mine have developed a small root in just one sunny day.

Lemon seed germination Lemon seed germination
I put the seed inside an old floppy disc case,
with wet paper and cover it in
transparent film

Let them grow a little inside the bag, and then move the seedlings to egg cartons, paper cups or some other bio-degradable small container (first make a little hole in the bottom, just in case you overwater) with a little soil. Keep in mind you have to water them regularly, but not that much that the cardboard gets wet. Now is when you should give them to your friends!
When they have grown more and it is planting time again (spring-summer), you can put them directly on a hole in your garden, or in a bigger pot and the cardboard should degrade naturally and the plant grow as a nice little tree. You can also remove it with scissors, beware of damaging the seedling.

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Written by Ruben Berenguel