Lunarcy: iPod / iPhone game review

My review for today is about an interesting physics puzzle game: Lunarcy, by TheFabrik. I got this game for free sometime around Christmas, and although I didn't play it much at the time I thought it was nicely done. Yesterday I was bored and gave it another try, and I must say it: it definitely rocks.

Disclaimer: it is hard, really hard. The objective of the game is to dock your green spaceship in the blue space docks, before landing on the green planet again. Sounds easy, don't you think?

It isn't. The controls and physics engine are the best I can think of for such an small and simple game. The triangle pointing up is your forward thruster, the left-right triangles are your rotation thrusters and the big square is an stop rotation switch. The difficulty? You have to dock exactly in the docking connector, and the fuel is quite tightly packed. Start thrusting randomly and you'll be lost in space.


The game comes with two game modes, and two difficulty levels. Moreover, it has its own set of online high-score tables, but I would prefer being able to tweet my score or integration with OpenFeint.

The level selection screen show 48 eight levels, 6 of which are special levels (the starred ones). In each level you have to dock and land, except for the starred ones. The two I have played are perfect orbits in which you have to set your spaceship in a perfect orbit, using as little fuel as possible.


I just checked the Master class level 1, but found no difference between level 1 in Beginner class. Odd. The game costs just 0.79€ (0.99$), and my opinion is that it is worth more. If you stick to it for a while, you'll definitely love this game.

Non-affiliate iTunes link: Lunarcy (0.79€, 0.99$)

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Written by Ruben Berenguel