My new camera: Canon PowerShot S90

Canon PowerShot S90
Canon Ixus 30
New and old
For around 4/5 years I have been the proud owner of a Canon Ixus 30. A small and versatile pocket digital camera. But I missed a lot being able to tweak some settings, having manual focus, aperture and exposition controls is fantastic. Moreover, it shoots in RAW.

Using it is quite easy if you have used a previous Canon model and if you have ever touched a digital reflex. It has a control rim around the lens, which (in some modes) can be used to control several adjustments: manual focus, focal distance, manual zoom, white balance and ISO speed. If you set the camera in Auto, it will work almost exactly as the Ixus 30 did.

In manual mode it is really fun to use. The lens ring controls focus, and the back control ring can be used to adjust aperture and shutter speed. Moreover, you can use a programmable buton to do whatever you want. For instance, to adjust ISO speed, or white balance.

It is a wonderful camera, and after reading this review, I was completely decided to buy it... And did it that same afternoon. You can check more reviews and buy it in Amazon (affiliate link).

The only thing I did not like about the camera is the security wrist strap that came in the box, and changed it for the one of my Ixus. The problem? It didn't have a strap length adjuster! What security comes from attaching it to your wrist without a strap?

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Written by Ruben Berenguel