Leaving on holidays

Iceland SVG drawing
Today I am leaving on holiday... Destination: Iceland. It is funny, because we arranged everything (accomodation, car rental and such) just two weeks before Eyjafjallajökull started spitting ash. It have been a few months wondering whether we could make it to Iceland and come back... Fortunately the little volcano took a pause and here we go.

I have a few scheduled posts for this few weeks (I'll be back around 16th July) but I will be again posting more frequently after I am back.

If I can get Internet connection there (in Reykjavík it should be no problem, but I can't be so sure about the rest of the island) I'll try to post a comment or picture.

Once we are back we will try to write a joint post: Laia's pictures with maybe one or two mine (she is the photography enthusiast) and my text (with Laia's ideas and proofreading) explaining what we did, saw and experienced.

See you soon!

Written by Ruben Berenguel