World Cup 2010: promising young player Mesut Özil

Mesut Özil
Mesut Özil
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UPDATE: Added video of hi great goal against Ghana.

I am not a big soccer fan. If I feel the craving for TV (if I don't need to concentrate, I prefer to have the TV on while doing things) and there is football on, and nothing else I like more, I may watch a half, maybe even the full game.

And now I'm watching what I expected to be a somewhat dull game: Germany-Australia. I just left it because there was nothing better, and I wanted to take a look at Lukas Podolski, who I remembered as quite a good player.

And in just 30 minutes Germany is leading 2-0, with a remarkable playmaking by this player: Mesut Özil.

The wikipedia article confirms my impressions: "He was selected for the Germany 2010 World Cup where is he hotly tipped to be one of the showcases young stars". Indeed, he is running Germany's play. Just as I write this, Miroslav Klose (Germany's striker) crossed a wonderful pass and Özil almost scored with a lovely lob over the Australian keeper... but a defender was able to deflect the ball just one meter before the goal.

I went to YouTube to post a video of him... and there were none! Well, not really none, but almost. Forecast: tomorrow there will be a few more... and if Germany keeps on advancing, he is indeed tipped to win the best young player award. He already won my vote, if I had any.

He looks very composed, with the kind of second-sight that allows him to find the perfect pass that no-one else (in the field) is able to see. One of those players that look like they have an overview camera.

I'm not the only one thinking high of him: Arsenal (British soccer club) sees him as a long term replacement for his midfielder star Cesc Fábregas (link to MirrorFootball's article) and you can find him in "Young players to watch" section in FIFA's WC2010 website.

Keep an eye on him, promise. Ok, here you are: a video from 8 months ago in HD. It has background music, turn down your speakers. Below it, the video of his great goal against Ghana in the WC2010

Written by Ruben Berenguel