9+4 fundamental things you should pack in your travels

Being a copilot in Iceland can be either stressing or boring. It depends if you are going to an almost unmarked farm where you will spend the night or just in the middle of an unending straight road. And in the boredom moments, I decided to compile a list of things we had packed and were really useful. I hope this helps you in your next trip!
  1. Fishing line: Fishing line is quite useful for several things. We used it mostly as a clothes line. The one we bough, for just 1.50€, can hold 8kg and is 250m long. It can also serve to wrap things up strongly.
  2. Sporks: LightMyFire's sporks are pretty useful. They work as spoon and fork, and also have a cutting side. Really useful for tight packing. You can buy them from this affiliate Amazon link: Spork.
  3. Ziplock bags: They can hold food, of course. But also pebbles or shells from a beach, plants... You name it. Also great for papers risking getting wet.
  4. Dental floss: It doubles for the uses of the fishing line, although it can hold way less. Its main use is that neat small cutter, which can easily cut fishing line. Only necessary if you don't check your baggage.
  5. Steel paper clips: I am not the only one thinking paper clips are really useful. You can check this page for 101 uses for paper clips and this one for how to make a safety pin from a paper clip (these instructions ask for pliers, but you can get something working just by hand).
  6. Big handkerchief: You can turn a big handkerchief into a portable bag/purse, use it as a scarf, mosquito shield (if it is transparent enough), rope... Put it somewhere and you will find an use for it.
  7. Folding raincoat: This is not necessary if you already have a raincoat as your usual jacket, but can save you from bringing an umbrella. A raincoat also serves as a windshield when it is cold and windy.
  8. Night mask and ear plugs: I don't need ear plugs in any case, but strong lights disturb my sleep. In Iceland, my night mask was invaluable and I hope I had one when I was in Warwick: the windows did not have blinds and at 5 am it was already dawn.
  9. Paracetamol 1g: This should cover your needs for throatache, toothache, general muscle pain and headache. Check wikipedia to know what it is (as it is named differently in some places) and of course, consult your physician before.
As extra options, depending on what you plan to do/can pack:
  • Swiss knife: Far better than having just your dental floss cutter. Imagine what McGyver could do with your previous 9 items and a Swiss knife! Of course, if you don't check luggage you have no option to pack it.
  • Technogadget of choice: I always travel with my iPod touch. If offers me reading for bored moments (either mathematics, books, you name it), and also playing. Moreover, music, time and internet connection whenever I find a wifi hotspot. You can buy an iPod touch in you nearest Apple reseller, or from this affiliate Amazon link: iPod Touch 3rd Gen. 32 Gb
  • Notebooks, pen, pencil: If you enjoy writing or drawing, I don't need to say you how useful this items are. I rarely draw while traveling, too little time usually, but just in case always carry my Moleskines and pens.
  • One instant soup dose: It doesn't take any space, and could save you from an expensive supper when you just want to get back to your bed.
What are your fundamental items when traveling? Let's create the perfect list together!
Written by Ruben Berenguel