EpicWin review: The geek to-do iPhone app

EpicWin app review
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It has been two weeks since the announcement that EpicWin would be available 19th August, after Apple accepted the app. And today is the day! Yesterday night EpicWin's twitter account said it was already available in New Zealand, and spreading to other App Stores. And this morning, I woke up and installed. At last!

EpicWin goal is to make doing your daily chores more fun. You assign to each task an epicness, and your character improves as you do more and more tasks, in a role-playing style.

EpicWin is (in to-do app terms) a simple app. You can add tasks to certain dates, assign a difficulty, a frequency and a skill (strength, intelligence, stamina...). No more, no less.

Adding a 'Quest'

EpicWin app review EpicWin app review EpicWin app review

Adding a quest is as straightforward as it can get:
  • Tap the '+' sign beside the date in your quests list or the pencil icon on top.
  • Select a date/no date, concept and slide your finger over Epicness to choose (from 50 to 300).
  • You can also choose from the icons for what this task is about: Strength (dumbbells), Stamina (clock), Intelligence (head), Social (cup) and Spirit (heart).
  • Select a frequency.
  • Done!

But so far I've only covered the standard to-do app features, and this is intended to be a non-standard to-do app. What are the geek role playing features? You have an avatar, who gets more experienced as you do more tasks. On the first run your avatar is born.

Birth of your productive self

EpicWin app review EpicWin app review EpicWin app review

When you are born, you are to select a race. I wanted to be the mad tree... but it is a separate app purchase (0.79€, 0.99$). The warrior is also in-app purchase. I went for the dwarf instead.

And what is up with these 'Quests'? What do you get by finishing them?

Quests and loot

EpicWin app review EpicWin app review EpicWin app review EpicWin app review EpicWin app review

Each time you add a task, you select an Epicness'. Then, to finish a task, you press the epicness badge until it depletes, and this allows you to advance automatically in the map. On your way you will find several loot, among books and scrolls, weapons and defences. As you can see in the scroll picture, there is Twitter and Facebook integration. Moreover, you can get EpicWin to automatically tweet your level-ups (via the Options tab).

It is too early for me to tell if you will find enemies or forks in your way... I hope they are, if not it will become a little dull after a while.

All in all, it is a really interesting and fun to-do app. The visual appeal of the application is gorgeous, all menus and avatars look really neat. Nevertheless, from what I've seen so far, it may become dull after a while, but I guess the developers will be up to solving this.

My overall impression is that it would be somehow better to have a modified version of Nethack mixed with a to-do app, allowing you to use your chores to play a real dungeon crawling role playing game. But it would be hard to mix these two different applications.

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Written by Ruben Berenguel