Good News Everyone! (if you are a food lover or a guest poster)

As I did previously with the plants category in this blog, I have copied all posts about food to its own sub-domain. Thus, if you were here for the fantastic free food, point your RSS readers to the new feed or check all recipes in the new blog. I won't be adding any recipes here, all new recipes will be found there.

As a reminder, I have added a Latest in... to keep Mostly Maths in touch with the other categories, which are so far:
  • Random Thoughts: Posts longer than a tweet but with less content than my usual post here in Mostly Maths. A blog for shower time thoughts.
  • Mostly From Seed: The section for plant lovers. I post here my battles with gardening, among my growing from seed experiments.
  • Mostly in The Kitchen: The free food section. Here is where all my recipes (and Laia's recipes) get added, some day a book will come from all of them. Just subscribe to the feed, this way you won't miss any recipe or the upcoming (in the next... year?) free recipe book.
You can check the most recent post in the sidebar on the right, below the highlighted posts. I don't have any plans to move other categories to its own sub-domains.

Moreover, I have opened guest posting here in Mostly Maths. You can check conditions here.

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Written by Ruben Berenguel