Two images, an apology and a 'new' blog

Don't worry, I won't start posting just images, I have a reason (but not a good reason) for posting just two images and a small blurb of text today.

For posting just images, I have my new Random Thoughts side blog, where I post shorter than a full post but longer than a tweet ideas, along with some images I also run here. It is powered by Tumblr, which I see as a pretty good blogging platform, more so for images or short posts like I've done. You can subscribe to Random Thoughts blog here.

I will be out for this weekend... and didn't finish enough blog posts to cover for it. Ouch! I have a big idea drawer overflowing, but these days I was hacking away a program to test a mathematical idea I have... Here you can see two of the 99 images it generated.

The idea I had looks as if it is true (i.e. the images look remarkably similar in the main central shape, don't you think?), now I need to find a proof for it.

If you happen to like these two pictures, I am considering running again the program with a slightly smaller zoom, to be able to create desktop wallpapers with the spiralling thing in the middle. I have done it previously with my Siegel disk images and my Douady rabbit images.

Drop a comment if you are interested in these wallpapers, if someone shows up I'll do them and post soon (after the weekend out+calculation time, roughly, Tuesday). And then subscribe to my RSS to keep in touch!

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