Aye Mateys! I need yer help

Ahoy readers!

In case you don't already know, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day (facebook.com), a nice day to make a post to ask for your help, me buckos (my friends, in pirate lingo)!

In the first days of September, when I had just 120 subscribers (according to FeedBurner) I set as a goal reach 200 subscribers by the end of the month. So far, you can see the counter in the top right marking 176 (as I am writing this). And I write this post to ask for your help! (and talk a little pirate, Arr!)

If you are a usual reader of this blog, you may already know I write about time management, programming, Linux and lately, about Iceland. And you all have friends (or at least, twitter followers!). Thus I ask you to
  • Pick one interesting post from this blog (more on that below)
  • Share it with someone you know will like it
  • (Optionally) Recommend mostlymaths.net Facebook page to your friends
I suggest you the following pages, as the most read and (maybe) interesting pages in this blog. They cover all topics I talk about. If you have your favourite page from this blog and it is not one of these below, please drop me a comment.
Thanks! Share this post, too it may help spreading a little subscriber love. Your presence here is what encourages the growing of this blog, and will hopefully make us pass the 200 mateys mark.

Written by Ruben Berenguel