Sleeping Where the Sun Never Sets and Other Oddities

As you may remember, Laia and me spent three weeks in Iceland for holidays two months ago. This is the sixth (and last) post in the series Things you should read before travelling to Iceland. If you came here directly don't forget to read the previous post in this series


In summer, daylight lasts all day. Full 24 hours of light, more or less. And Icelanders don't love window blinds. It has something to do with the fact that in winter they get no sun... When there is, they enjoy it like madmen. If you can't sleep with light, bring a sleep mask (Amazon affiliate link, they are cheap) with you. Better yet, wear it a few nights before going to Iceland to get used to it. I love using it when I want to oversleep here in Spain.

Another interesting sleepy point is that, from what we have seen, Iceland's beds are incredibly comfortable! Enjoy them while you are there, you will definitely miss them back home. I already do. I have to go there again!


Iceland feels somewhat... freak. Freak in the good sense, as Laia and myself consider us real freaks. Icelanders do lots and lots of handcrafts, Laia realised there she loves felting and bought several books on it, in Icelandic. We also bought an Icelandic breads book, also in Icelandic. I can't really say why, but if you consider yourself a geek or freak... you'll be happy spending your holidays in Iceland. Of course, no offence intended, it is supposed to be a compliment!

Icelanders are also very trusting. As an example, in Mývatn we had as usual a guesthouse already arranged. We arrived around 17:00, and there was no-one around. The door was open, nobody in the office. We went back, because we saw a paper taped to the door... It said Mr Berenguel, your room is Nr 3 and you have your keys in the doorknob.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Iceland, because what comes next is even more Icelandic (and longer). I'll write what we did, with pictures! Seventeen days, with the interesting places and things we did back there. I still don't have a clear schedule (one post per week for 4 months or write them and then post all the same day). But stay tuned, Iceland lovers! Subscribe if you have not done it yet!

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Written by Ruben Berenguel