20 Best Posts I Have Read This October, 2010

Here comes my set of interesting blog posts for October 2010. As usual, they are divided in Programming (and related), Self-improvement (and related) and Blogging (and related). This month there are 7 posts in Programming, 10 in Self-improvement and 3 in Blogging. Enjoy!

Programming, Software and Related

Cleaning my favourite items from the RSS reader, I found a few from Matt Might's blog from when I started reading it. 3 shell scripts: Kill weasel words, avoid the passive, eliminate duplicates is a post where Matt turns himself into a shell script to advise his PhD students on writing "better" academic English. A good addition to your real life advisor! Another one, 7 Lines of Code, 3 Minutes: Implement a Programming Language. I have a long time longing for writing my own programming language... but still didn't take the plunge. And looks like it won't be this year, it has to be presented just before March (for language-related reasons).

30 Lessons Learned in 10 Years of Computing
is a collection of thoughts from making it work: musings of the math gladiator. I think that making your IDE really marked his life, he talks about this twice.

As usual, Re: Factor has a lot of good posts to share here: Presentations in Factor shows a way to make slideshows from within Factor. Syntax Highlighting, writing a syntax highlighter on top of the Factor REPL. And Text-to-PDF, how to convert text files into PDF files with Factor. Isn't Factor fantastic? I have to finish Thinking Forth! If I hadn't so many things to do...

My twitter friend John Metcalf has a blog named Retro Programming, where he uses to talk about the programming game Core War. And this months post is about just this: Core War - The King of Programming Games.

Self-improvement, Productivity, Life-Style and Similar

Did You Hear What I Said? From Ali Luke in Aliventures ponders about the difference between what we hear and what other people are really saying. Are you guilty of making things up to realise later that all was far simpler, just because you didn't care to listen carefully?

From the archives of Luciano Passuello's Litemind, How to Be a Human Calendar. I gave it a try, and although I didn't have a particular interest in being one, it was a good read, and the explanations in the post are crystal clear: give it a look if you want to be a human calendar.

I enjoyed quite a lot Tim Brownson's guest post in Charlie Gilkey's Productive Flourishing, How to Bounce Out of Bed Every Morning. I don't believe in neuro-linguistic programming, but the possibilities if it works can be amazing. Another post from this blog is It's All Been Done Before. So What? Don't think that because everything is done you can't innovate. There were a lot of MP3 players before the iPod... Innovation always wins.

Ryan Waggoner's blog makes his way into my list this month (and will repeat a lot more, November has already 4 more from him) with one post, Is There Such a Thing as a Sustainable To-Do System? Ryan is a Getting Things Done guy and I am not... But he makes good points in favour of it. Go read it if you are a GTDer or have been one.

My friend Fabian Kruse from The Friendly Anarchist is aiming at making a home run for good posts this year... He only needs one in December to make it (he already has two lined for November's post!). This months are Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish and The "Do Whatever You Want" Approach to Getting Things Done. Ways to improve, ways to motivate and the anarchistic way to be productive. Go read them now!

Tempered Steel, by Dragos Roua is a very good post. I think he touched upon something I was already thinking (and that came around as my own post What It Takes to Be a Winner? Embracing Failure). Pressure, correctly managed will turn you into a stronger you. Don't let it break you down. From Dragos' blog I also recommend (wink wink) Why the 80/20 Rule Can Make You Less Productive: my take on "anarchistic productivity". Treat it like a rule, but break it often when trying to be productive.

Joel Runyon's The Blog of Impossible Things makes his debut (although I have been following it through Joel's twitter for a long while) with a post where I'm kind of featured... When Do You Give Up? (Part 2) [Or How To Stop Banging Your Head Against The Wall and Become a Champion]. It is a follow up to Part 1, where he shares his story with playing basketball and asks his readers for their view. I shared mine and was one of the 5 comments that made to part 2.

Blogging and Other Internet Stuff

Blogging Tips from Pro Triathletes is a guest post by Mike CJ in ProBlogger, comparing your blogging career with a triathlon: devil is in the details, take care of them to improve your blogging.

Earning Extra Income (from a Small Blog) is Get Rich Slowly's nice blogging tip. Nothing new here: selling books... the twist is on Amazon. Check it out!

My main motivation to print out The Art of War as an A6 booklet came from reading this post by Max Klein: How to Be Successful: Steal Ideas and Copy People. I don't share his view, although the post is good, and the idea worth thinking about at least. And re-reading the Art of War is a reason good enough.

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