Mirror Rubik Cube: It Just Looks Gorgeous

Mirror Rubik Cube
Doesn't it look nice?

Last week Laia and me went to a toy/book/stuff shop to buy a music stand. Practising guitar without a music stand was starting to feel rather odd. While we were there, we bought several more items, among them an old time favourite from myself: a mirror rubik cube. An addition to my keychain cube, SuperCube, 5x5 cube and Rubik dodecahedron. I had only seen it online, from Amazon.jp. But I was able to buy it in Spain (boxed in Japanese, though), and when I came back home (and photographed it a lot) I found it was being sold in Amazon.com and ThinkGeek.com.

It works as an standard Rubik cube, only that there are no colors and the individual cubes have different sizes. It definitely looks gorgeous, although it feels slightly prone to breaking (I haven't broken it yet). Standard Rubik cube algorithms work perfectly on it, I just solved it after scrambling. It costs around 20$/20€ depending on where and how you buy it.

Buy yours in Amazon.com: Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube.
Buy yours in ThinkGeek.com: Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube.

Mirror Rubik Cube Mirror Rubik Cube
Mirror Rubik Cube Mirror Rubik Cube

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Written by Ruben Berenguel