Worst Connectivity Ever

Hi readers! (woah... 235 already! I'm so glad you're here with me!)

This week I'm in Warsaw for a workshop (as I already commented in last post when I talked about the poster I am presenting).

I was expecting to use idle hours between talks and afternoons to write posts and post a little... But my internet connection is inexistent. This post is coming from an open wifi connection, which gets connected and disconnected at random, and when at its peak, just makes 3Kb/s.

It reminds me of my times with phone dial connection... When I had to use the command line browser lynx to navigate when I was downloading Debian CD images.

In fact, I've been tweeting using lynx to open mobile.twitter.com...

So, don't expect any more posts this week (unless some miracle happens and I get a decent connection), but next week will be awesome because although I can't post, I still can write and you can bet I am doing it.

In the meantime, feel free to read something from the archives or wander through the randomised links below posts!

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