Covert Strike of Spanish Air Controllers: Spanish Air Space Closed

A massive medical leave of air controllers in the air spaces of Madrid, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands has caused almost all Spanish airports to cancel all of their flights. Today me and Laia were supposed to go to Switzerland to enjoy snow, -11ºC and some cheese and chocolate. In Spain we had Monday and Wednesday as National holidays, and most businesses had Tuesday as optional holiday: 5 days straight off.

The massive medical leave, named covert strike by the government has been really well timed to catch all airports filled with people wanting to enjoy 5 days away from crises and work. Latest news suggest that military air controllers may exceptionally work in the civil affected air spaces.

The strike, caused by not getting enough money and privatisation of the airport industry is assumed to last until 6th of December, unless the government drops their pants. A friend of mine says that he would love to work as an air controller for 3 years and then retire. Think about how much money they are already making.

Yours truly was lucky to have free stay in Switzerland at my brother-in-law's place, but not all passengers were that happy. Imagine having a cancelled flight to Argentina, with hotel.

When we left the airport by taxi (as the train was probably collapsed by then) some riots were in the verge of starting in Terminal 2-C, and I guess that Terminal 1 should be really fun to watch from the outside.

More information (in Spanish) is available from El País (online newspaper) and probably all other Spanish and international newspapers as well.

As of 13:00 of the 4th of December the Spanish Counsel of Ministers starts alarm state. All air controllers are required by law to come to their work places. In case of disobedience they can be fired, fined or imprisoned.
Written by Ruben Berenguel