30 Day Meditation Challenge

If you are interested in my meditation experiences, when I ended this challenge I started a new blog with weekly insights in mindfulness meditation: 100perZen. Check it out!

Last month I did my first 30 day challenge: The 30 Day emacs Challenge. For this first month of a brand new year, I have a different kind of challenge. This month I will meditate daily, for at least 5 minutes.

I know, 5 minutes is really a small amount of time to meditate, but I just set a minimum amount of time. Hopefully, as soon as I am able to do it (meditating is harder than you think, if you have not tried) I'll increase the time until 15-20 minutes daily.

Let's see if I can start the year making this. I have been trying to meditate daily on and off for maybe 5 years, always unable to keep it for longer than one week or two. I will make it this time.

I will keep a log with how focused I feel, to be able to compare with the previous month and see if there is some correlation between meditating and being more focused, for me.

Let's also do a small reader poll. Do you meditate or have tried to do so for any period? If you do, please drop a comment with how often and how many minutes daily.

» Update 1: Thoughts are like fire
Final update: Neither success nor failure
Written by Ruben Berenguel