A DIY Origami Notebook to Keep in Your Jeans' Small Pocket

This is the notebook where I keep my to-do list, like the one you can see in the picture in Book Review: Do It Tomorrow. A quick and cheap way to have a small multi-page notebook you can keep always with you. Of course, calling this origami is a small lie, as you have to use scissors.

I read a very good post about going the analog way (How analog rituals can amp your productivity) and this was my tool. I could have gone the Moleskine way (I have a pair of 7 odd cm sized pocket notebooks), but this is way cheaper and more handy. When you need one, you only need a A4, it can even have a side written up!

Also, when you finish your notebook, you can unfold it and fold it reversed to have another use!

This is the finished result

You will need an A4 (or any other size) paper and scissors.

Put your sheet of paper in a flat surface
Fold in half
Fold along the sides in quarters
Unfold and fold in half
And fold along the sides in quarters
Pinch along the longer crease
Cut here...
... and here ...
... and here. Cut also in the same spot above.
It will look like this
Pinch both sides, folding the sides to the center, from below.
Finish the folding and hold.
Flatten all flaps to the part below. The top area should hold the less paper folds.
Fold sideways.
Fold top to bottom.
Flatten strongly. Ready to use!
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Written by Ruben Berenguel