iPhone and iPad App Review: Typography Star

Typography Star Review
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re you a typography geek? If so, keep reading. If you are not... Well, I am not one of them but enjoyed playing this simple (but hard!) game.

I can make my Times from my Arial, and 2 out of 3 times I can tell if it is Georgia or Verdana (I know they are different but miss the names). Even being that bad a typographer, I enjoyed playing Typography Star (there are iPad and iPhone 3G-3GS versions available). The images I show are for the iPad version.

There are 4 modes available in Typography Star, ranging from easiest to hardest: Schoolar (sic), Junior, Senior and Art Director:

Typography Star Review

Schoolar is a "simple" match two game, where the images are depictions of the letter a in different fonts, with the name of the fonts below the letter:

Typography Star Review Typography Star Review

This is pretty easy, but serves as a training for the coming levels. In the Junior level, the name of the font is removed, and you have to match only based on how the letter a looks!

Typography Star Review Typography Star Review

It is getting harder! The next level is the one I have enjoyed the most (Senior): you have to match the letter with the font name.

Typography Star Review Typography Star Review

The hardest and last level, Art Director is just mad: Match font image to its creator.

Typography Star Review Typography Star Review

I fail utterly at this level, but I just love matching fonts and names.

All in all an interesting little game. I miss compatibility with my iPod 2G (maybe they use heavy anti-aliasing that the older CPU does not implement natively), and I'd love a set of intermediate levels where you have to match different letters, not all of them a's. In case you are interested, Apple GameCenter compatibility is coming in a next version. You can buy Typography Star from this link.

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Written by Ruben Berenguel