31 Best Links About Blogging, Productivity and Programming (November and December 2010 edition)

Last year I used to collect all links that caught my attention each month in list posts... Until I got bored, because they ate too much time to write, and were really really boring to write. I used to write a small re-cap of what they were about, and thus a 30 link post was very long and needed a lot of editing. I just stopped cold their writing.

But... I already had links for November and December stored in my Delicious account, and I've just decided to share all these good links with you. This time I'll only sort them alphabetically and put the link, a little like Sam from Xamuel.com does in his Linkfests.

I still collect a huge amount of links in my RSS reader, Instapaper and Read It Later accounts. If you'd like I keep on sharing these, please retweet this post so I can know it. Thanks!

Ben Casnocha – What 17 Million Americans Got From a College Degree

Citizen428.blog() – Clojure: Deriving the Y Combinator in 7 Stolen Steps

Daniel Lemire – Why you may not like your job, even though everyone envies you

Fearless Endeavours – Is patience a virtue we don't value anymore?

Friendly Anarchist – How to Make Change Real

Friendly Anarchist – Mirrors and Necklaces

Friendly Anarchist – Walk with Flowers

GarlicSim – Technology Principle: The Toy Will Win

Illuminated Mind – Getting to Know Yourself by Looking at Outward

Liopic – 10 Years to Master

Litemind – How to Make Great Decisions in Life

Math Gladiator – Escaping Mr. 20% and losing the ego

Matt Might – Hacking your Address Book With C, Racket and LaTeX to print mailing labels correctly

ProBlogger – Why Your Blog Won't Make You Rich (or Even Pay the Bills)

ProBlogger – How to Optimize Your Sales Funnel for Success

ProBlogger – How to Increase Product Profitability After Launch

Reinvigorated Programmer – How Many Gadgets You Need

Ryan Waggoner – 5 steps we took to overcome procrastination in launching 21times

Ryan Waggoner – How I use Omnifocus to get things done

Ryan Waggoner – Per aspera, ad astra

Ryan Waggoner – Steve Jobs home office: minimalism isn't everything

Ryan Waggoner – How to build discipline and brainwash yourself with the Greatest Secret in The World

Steve Mould – How To Cheat With Frank Benford

Steve Pavlina – 30 Day Supertrials

Study Hacks – The pre-med and Ira Glass: complicated career advice from compelling people

TPEB – How to Finish What You Start: 10 Important Tips

The 99 Percent – 20 Gifts for the Productivity Nerd In Your Life

The 99 Percent – Best of 2010

The Chronicle – The Shadow Scholar

Yield Thought – Users who don't buy, customers who don't use

the { bucklogs :here } – Maze Generation: Eller's Algorithm

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Written by Ruben Berenguel