Repairing a Tear in My Vibram Fivefinger KSO

Scratched Vibram FiveFingers
Scratched FiveFingers
Last year I was happily running around my usual route when I stumbled in a wooden area... and scratched the "skin" of my FiveFingers KSO, as you can see in the left. I asked the local Spanish retailer, and he could only suggest I took them to a shoe shop to get some inner repair. No luck: the lining is too flexible to allow for a patch. I asked to the main company... and I'm still waiting for an answer.

I needed to do something, it's been already 10 months of non-running. Thus, some voodoo repairing was needed. Did you know super-glue was invented to seal wounds in the battlefield? Well, this looks like a wound, doesn't it??

First I filled the finger with a big ball of WC paper, like you can see below:

Then I attached some needles to keep the wound sealed, look below:

Finally I spread some super-glue to seal it:

And after 30 minutes I removed the needles and paper. Let it dry for a whole night, and never ever touch super-glue to check if it is dry. Never.

Yesterday I tried them again and ran for a while. They feel as good as new.
Written by Ruben Berenguel