Breaking Blogging Conventions

From kevygee@Flicker
I'd like to apologise for my lack of writing as of late. See? I just broke one of those absurd blogging conventions. Sincerely, I don't give a d––n about doing that. Please, keep reading.

This is one simple example. Blogging gurus say that you should not apologise for not writing, since that would seem pointless to your readers and you'd appear like a less capable guru. I say so what?. I'm not into writing here to make tons of cash (they are very welcome if they come anyway), and I have a lot more things to do beside blogging. I'm here to write for my readers. As of now and according to Feedburner, 620 something. I'd like to thank every one of you for coming back. I try to thank you by writing interesting stuff.

It's been quite a while since my last post (which was a book review, not even a "real" post). And why is that? There is a mix of reasons and motivations going here.

Although I had my decent share of ideas, none were compelling enough to get me into writing mode. If I'm not pulled by the idea, the post turns out dry or boring. I don't want to write boring posts. My ultimate goal is to be able to write a post about some theme and find that readers uninterested in it can read it whole and enjoy the experience. I follow some bloggers like these, I love their ability to keep me entertained.

This is closely related to another stupid convention in blogging. That you should only write about one theme, only one niche. If you've been here long enough you'll know that I write about anything I find interesting. Programming, time management, whatever I find interesting. I could not write about just one thing in my blog. I'm like that, I enjoy a hundred different things. Just like everybody else.

I also have an unwritten (at least until this post) deal with my readers. I don't want to write "empty" posts. I don't want to write 700 words of fluff, akin to political speeches. I want to get information out there, share what I've learnt, ask what I don't know. Let the politicians (and quite a great deal of bloggers, too) talk or write for hours/pages without saying anything.

I'm not here for the money (as I have already said), but for my readers. You can see ads around the page. Currently they are:
  • A spot below the menu, cycling through Bookdepository (50% of the time) and two different AdSense colour schemes (25% and 25%),

  • An Amazon my Favourites widget in the sidebar.
And that's it: you see, I won't make any decent money. A few months ago I dumped AdSense because I wanted a more ad-free experience for my readers, leaving only the bookstore ads (I love books and love to share books). AdSense is here again because I have started an A/B test with AdSense, just for fun. I want to see which colour layout is more effective, to do so I'm running this ad splitting scheme for the different colours and in a few weeks I'll know which one is better. I'm curious, it's not that AdSense makes me a lot of money (2 or 3 euro each month, at most and with luck).

Another reason I've been less eager to write lately is that I'm busier, and it gets harder to fit writing quality and informational articles (disclaimer: this is what I try, I don't promise all my articles are up to my tastes) into my schedule. Also, ideas are like __________. You can come up with almost anything and find some analgoy to comply. In this case, I feel like ideas are like mushrooms. Why is that? If weather is very hot and dry, there are no mushrooms. But come a big storm and they will pop all over a place. This happened yesterday, for unknown reasons.

All ideas I had lately were now seen in a new light, and I started filling a notebook in Penultimate for iPad (an affiliate link, this app is quite neat for this quick sketching of ideas or taking meeting notes) with post ideas and execution (screenshots, tables, screencasts) for some of them, I'd get them written soon. Also, I decided to write this post, because the ideas in it were around my mind for quite some time and needed some pouring.

I'll never promise I will write more frequently. My only promise is that I try to do my best to write interesting stuff. I owe this to my 620 something readers and also to everyone else that stops by this blog. Thank you all, and keep coming.

Written by Ruben Berenguel